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How can I change the name in my PAN card?

Stock Market QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I change the name in my PAN card?
Savita asked 10 months ago

There are situations where you can change your personal details in verification cards, labels, and documents. It happens when a new name or a woman marries an individual to marry or divorce.
A PAN card or taxpayer in India is issued a PAN. If you need to change the details on your PAN card, there are a few steps below:
You must submit an application for PAN information change. You can apply online and get the Ban Transfer Request Form.
Complete the form and fill out the obligation and significant departments. Confirm or change the data in the field you want to change in your current PAN card.
Make sure you have the documents you have before putting your application form up:
If there is a mistake in the name of your PAN card or you want to make some correction / change in name, you can do it online with your authentic card.
The main feature of upgrading the PAN cards from the Attar Card is that you do not need to upload any documents or need to submit it anywhere, all the work is unpacked and only 15 minutes will be needed. If you have your Aadhaar card then follow this step by step guide and see how you can make correction / change in the name of PAN card through your Aadhaar card. There is a separate form to fill for changes in PAN card. I had the same problem. So I filled the form and sent it. I got the name change done and the new PAN card in less than 15 days
Very easy way to get apply pan card online and correction should do online.