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What is a good trend trading system?

Stock Market QuestionsWhat is a good trend trading system?
Vimal Singh Staff asked 3 months ago

What is a good trend trading system?

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Vimal Singh Staff answered 3 months ago

Their have a old thought in trading that,
Now question is that what is trend, how to find trend, and change in trend of stock,
Let discuss
we areĀ Gurukul Academy of Share Market
A reputed stock market institute based in MP Jabalpur,
We have a research team who develop a great Trend Predictor system, which give you a direction of stock, currency, metal, bullion,
This system is based on MT4, I am sharing some image below

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This system is work based on instrument index with volume calculation, this is one of the best trend predictor tools which develop by our team, Stock advisory and retail traders both can take benefit from this system
Here are System
Gurukul Academy Trend Predictor | Gurukul Academy of Share Market